Name of the Officer Designated as
Dr.Younis Ifthikhar Munshi Appellate Authority
Dr. Qamar uddin Public Information Officer


Short Title, Extent and Commencement

1. Known as 'Right to Information Act, 2005'.

2. Extends to whole of India except J&K.

3. Has become enforceable with effect from 12th October, 2005

4. It is more powerful and stringent than Delhi RTI 2001



1. Covers all public authorities, bodies or institutions constituted by Parliament, Legislative Assembly.

2. Includes Parliament, Supreme Court/High Court/Lower Courts, Bodies owned, controlled and substantially financed.

3. Including Non-government organizations substantially financed directly or indirectly.

4. Govt. empowered to notify or issue orders to include such other bodies.


Citizens made the Master

1. The act provides for giving almost all information to citizens barring a few exceptions.

2. It makes the citizen the Master.

3. They can now do social audit of any work through getting information and examining it critically and posing inconvenient questions.


Public Information Officers to give information

1. Public Information Officers to be appointed by Public Authorities for handling applications received under the Act (by 22.9.2005).

2. Assistant Public Information Officer to be appointed to receive applications on behalf of the Public Authority by( 22.9.2005.)

3. Assistant Public Information officers to be appointed in each Sub-Division/Sub-Districts by (22.9.2005).

4. First Appellate Authority to be within the department/organization by Public Authority



Right to Information Includes :

1. Inspection of works, documents, records.

2. Taking notes, extracts, certified copies.

3. Taking certified samples of material.

4. Obtaining information in floppies, tapes etc.


Definition of Information

Information means any material in any form & includes:

1. Records, documents, memos, e-mail, opinion, advice, orders, log book, contract, reports, papers, samples etc.


Filing of application

1. Forms prescribed.

2. Applicant can file application in writing or through electronic means in English or Hindi or local language.

3. PIO to assist disabled persons in writing down requests.

4. Reasons for seeking information not required.

5. Personal information about applicant not to be asked except for delivery of reply



The following fee has been prescribed by GOI:

1. Application Fee: Rs 10/-

2. Additional Page: Rs 2/ per page A-4 or A-3

3. Large size: Actual Charges

4. Sample or Model: Actual cost

5. Inspection of records: First hour no fee there after Rs 5/- per 15 minutes

6. Floppy/Diskette: Rs 50/-


NO fee for Below Poverty Line

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