DSRU(Drug Standardization Research Unit)

The institute’s Drug Standardization Unit (DSRU) was started in the year 1979, at Department of chemistry, Osmania University, Hyderabad to undertake standardization of single and compound Unani drugs. The prime concern of the Council’s Drug Standardization Research Unit is to evolve standards for single and compound drugs of proven efficacy included in the National Formulary of Unani Medicine for their incorporation in the official Unani Pharmacopoeia of India.

The DSRU at the institute has so far standardized 172 single and 298 compound drugs, some of which have already been incorporated in different volumes of Unani Pharmacopoeia of India (UPI) volumes. Quality control of 1294 single and 811 compound drugs have already been carried out to meet the requirement of the Council’s Clinical Units / Institutes. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) for manufacture of and pharmacopoeial standards for 66 compound drugs have been developed. The unit is also engaged in developing modified forms of classical Unani Drugs